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Welcome to the website of the Rocker King, home to the largest collection of obsolete aftermarket auto body repair patch panels and rocker panels anywhere. These panels were die stamped back in the 1940's, 1950's and 1960's by companies like Schofield aka Scopan, Republic, Schott and Made-Rite. These companies opened in the mid 1940's stamping rockers and other body repair panels for cars starting with the late 1930's from good old cold-rolled steel just like the original cars were made of. 

 Many of the less expensive rockers that you will find for sale on the Internet today are made from a metal called Galvinille which has a galvanized coating on it similar to the duct work sheet metal in your house. The only advantage to having this coating is that the metal does not rust before it is painted. 

The draw back to working with Galvinille metal is that it gives off poisonous fumes when you weld the galvanized metal to your cold rolled steel body. It also takes a special conversion coating to ensure that the primer you use will adhere to it.

I have not set this web site up for purchases to be made on-line as the shipping companies charge premium prices once the length of the package goes over 48 inches. There are other options for shipping available, I always chose the least expensive manner of shipping. If there is something that you are looking for please contact me.

My plan is to someday have every single panel that I have available listed on this site but that will take time. If you do not see the year and make of your car listed feel free to contact me. My panels cover the years 1937-1964. If you have any questions feel free to contact me (262) 424-5286.


Thanks! Message sent.

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